My Roadliner and Alps is about my 2006 motorcycle a metric cruiser - Midnight Star Roadliner XV1900, air-cooled 1854 cc V-twin. It's also about traveling, photoshoots, modifications and mishaps surrounding me and my bike.

2011/03/13 Fuel pump relay broke. Symptoms: bike not starting, tapping on the relay got it going (sometimes), putting it gear, it would just die. The relay had some ten or so different features it controlled.
2011/03/12 Finally! after like 6 months I managed to post my summer trip pictures.
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2010/09/29 It has come to my knowledge that the 3rd problem is known by the Yamaha but they are not doing anything about it. They even have a replacement part for the original... GEAR, 3RD PINION, P/N 99999-03864-00 (replaces 1D7-17131-01-00).
2010/04/15 3rd (most used and my favorite) gear not working properly, making noise, it goes in but it's making clonking and clicking noises. So until I know what is what I 'm skipping 3rd gear. This is gone cost...
2010/04/04 I joined as a prospect a local club, Satans Slaves.
2010/04/03 Fixed a puncture in rear tyre (again!) - £67.50
2010/02/15 Started to notice that my fuel consumption was high, normaly I was getting 210km to the tank, now I was getting 160km. Still under my investigation...
2010/02/01 It took them 1 month to get the harness from Japan and fix my Bike! Bridge Motorcycles missed a connection, result was my bike was running of the battery. Did not get far...
2009/12/28 Bike refused to start! turned out to be a faulty connection on the wiring harness. £550 to change that
2009/10/28 Fixed a puncture in rear tyre - £53.82
2009/10/09 40000km service at 40324km, Includes a new rear tyre - £658.28
2009/08/07 Travel: 2009 trip over the alps
2009/08/04 Replace front tyre - £112.00
2009/05/05 Fixed a puncture in my rear tyre - £67.50
2009/02/24 30000km service at 31063km, Includes a new front tyre - £504.49
2008/07/15 14:18 CET I got a £30 Ticket for 'something' in Italy. The carabinieri (cops) pulled me over on road SS48 on the 62 km marker near town Canazei and told me: 'We find many many problem with bike, you go to prison now! But you pay £30 (in euros) we make problem go away.' I told them 'How about I'll pistol whip you'... :)
2008/07/04 Travel: 2008 trip over the alps
2008/07/02 Replace front tyre - £97.15
2008/04/28 20000km service at 21024km
2008/03/15 I got a 'Penalty Charge Notice' by Birmingham city Council for leaving my bike on the sidewalk - for the night, while visiting a 'friend'. It's not like I payed that. It's a foreign registered bike, it's one of those pirks you get by having one...
2007/11/09 Travel: Visit sisters new baby
2007/08/09 10000km service at 12324km
2007/07/20 Travel: Trip over the alps
2007/06/10 Travel: Test ride to camp out
2007/05/08 Travel: Ride from Sweden to Luxemburg to UK
2007/05/06 Travel: Ride to Hedemora
2006/08/13 Travel: First trip
2006/07/08 I got my Bike!

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